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Zombie arm with bone sticking out
Zombie Eyeball

Black Lagoon is an immersive, creepy-as-hell cocktail experience that pays homage to the macabre and throws in a splash of goth and metal for good measure. WE'RE POPPING UP ALLL OVER THE USA, CANADA AND MEXICO DURING THE MONTH OF OCTOBER! Wear your costume to these dark dungeons of drink and enjoy innovative and deliciously spooky cocktails! 

Our official partner locations will be announced this spring! 
reservations are at the discretion of individual venues, please contact your local venue directly to inquire via the 'locations' link above and clicking on 'contact'. you cannot make reservations through our black lagoon contact page.


Zombie's Torso with entrails
Swamp monster's foot
Swamp Monster's Leg
Zombie Eyeball

Black Lagoon

Creature from the Black Lagoon's hand with eaten flesh
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