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A native Chicagoan, Erin has spent her entire career within different sectors of the hospitality industry. Her time in Chicago included running the beverage programs at The Hotel Lincoln in the award-winning restaurant Perennial Virant & the widely acclaimed rooftop cocktail lounge, The J. Parker, and later as the head bartender at Three Dots and A Dash (Spirited Award Best New American Cocktail Bar 2014). Most notably, she served as the bar manager at Lost Lake, which opened to much fanfare and acclaim including being named Imbibe Magazine’s Bar of The Year (2015) and 5 semi-finalist nods for The James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Bar Program Award. In 2015, Erin was a finalist for Star Chef’s Rising Star Mixologist awards.  She is a three-time Speed Rack competitor and was voted to the Chicago wildcard position at the National Speed Rack Finals in 2015. From 2016-21, Erin served as the Global Educator & Ambassador for award winning Westward Whiskey. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Erin serves as Beverage Director at the prestigious Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel.



Kelsey has over 17 years experience in the hospitality business ranging from educator, entrepreneur, sommelier and bartender. Kelsey Ramage is the director of the Trash Collective, and continues to operate it and it’s many projects, Black Lagoon pop-up and soon to be Supernova in Toronto, Canada. She educates bartenders globally both personally and in partnership with Pernod Ricard as their global sustainability ambassador. Prior to launching her personal projects, she was a lead bartender at Dandelyan bar in London, seeing it win awards for Best Bar Team, Best Menu, and Worlds Best Bar, to name a few. Personally, she was awarded Spirited Awards Best International Bartender in 2020 and was 2016’s Altos Tahona Society Champ. 

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