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Want to partner with us?

In it’s third year, Black Lagoon expanded from 9 venues across the United States & Canada to 18 venues across 4 countries operating simultaneously during the month of October. Our partner venues showcased some of the most celebrated bars and operators including multiple Spirited Award nominees and winners, Best Of Award winners and Star Chef's Rising Star Mixologist winners, just to name a few. Black Lagoon was highlighted In countless publications at local, regional and national levels driving Halloween lovers in droves to our venues to celebrate and enjoy the cocktails and immersive experiences.

We are incredibly excited to continue to expand the Black Lagoon universe in 2024 to a minimum of 30+ venues internationally with 20-25 venues In the United States alone along with multiple cities in Canada and Mexico.

Black Lagoon is an unique opportunity to engage a wide audience of trade, cocktail enthusiasts and revellers in safe, inclusive and wildly fun spaces across the globe. This is a growing brand with a big future including an upcoming book release, exponential growth in North America and the beginning of international engagement this year. While the environment will be spooky and filled with Halloween ghoulishness, the renowned cocktail abilities of our founders will ensure a meticulously created cocktail experience with an eye for innovation, sustainability and, of course, delicious drinks that will make your brands shine.

If you think your brand would be a good fit to partner with Black Lagoon and it's venues, please fill out the form below! We'd love to hear from you. 

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